NEW: The COMPANION GUIDE is just that - a companion to the book OPEN THE FLOOD GATES: Welcoming Grief into Our Seasons of Loss. This guide is designed to give each one who uses it the opportunity to translate each chapter of the book into a personal journey on the path of sorrow following the death of a loved one. The sessions are fitting for groups of various kinds and also adaptable for individual use.
Open the Flood Gates presents grief as a good friend to help deal with your achy-break-y heart. As many say, you may never get over it, but a good grieving process helps immeasurably tocome through it -- and, eventually, to break into a new stride.

A Timely Word

"...While this book addresses a difficult subject, its homespun style makes it an easy and inviting read!"

Ron Klassen, Executive Director,
Rural Home Missionary Association, Morton, IL